Farmer finds mysterious black eggs – now watch them hatch and see what’s hiding inside

You’ve probably seen chickens with a few black feathers before, but have you ever seen any chickens that are completely black?

When I saw these pictures, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

But it turns out there’s a rare breed of black chickens called Ayam Cemani.

Ayam Cemani chickens are completely black—including their feathers, skin, beaks, claws, and even their flesh and internal organs.

Image Source: Greenfirefarms

Ayam Cemani chickens are have an almost metallic black sheen to them.

Beautiful, right?

Image Source: Greenfirefarms

In the past, fully grown Ayam Cemani chickens have been sold for as much as $2,500 in the United States.

The fact that this breed is black is due to dominant gene that the chickens possess, which causes excess pigmentation in the birds, a condition that is called fibromelanosis.

Ayam Cemani hens lay cream-colored eggs. However, the rumor that these chickens have black blood is false.

Image Source: Greenfirefarms

Ayam Cemani chickens were first imported to Europe in the 1990s. In Indonesia, it’s said that these chickens have “mystical” powers, but that should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

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