Farmer thinks hen is warming chicks in the barn – then he hears mewing

The maternal instinct is just as strong in animals as it is in humans, whether we’re talking about dogs, cats, birds, or dolphins.

When this farmer walked into his barn, he saw a hen warming some babies with her warm body.

But there was just one thing… She wasn’t sitting on chicks.

Chickens are interesting animals. Before their chicks are born, they incubate their eggs.

And after their chicks are hatched, they continue to brood them for several weeks to keep them warm.

Image Source: Imgur/virnovus

When this farmer entered his barn, he saw a hen warming something with her body. Nothing strange, he thought at first.

But when he got closer, he saw something extraordinary. The hen wasn’t sitting on her chicks.

Image Source: Imgur/virnovus

It turned out that one of the barn cats had given birth to four small kittens. Then, the hen’s maternal instinct kicked in and she sat on the tiny kittens to keep them warm.

The hen didn’t allow the mother cat to get near at first, but after a while, she agreed to share.

Image Source: Imgur/virnovus

It’s so heartwarming to see that this hen’s maternal instinct knows no bounds. And it really shows the beauty of the animal world.

All of God’s creatures deserve love, regardless of how many legs they have, whether they have fur, or if they have a beak or snout. Share if you agree!

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