Firefighters take off their clothes – to raise money for homeless dogs

What do firefighters, police and military have in common?

They’re all taking off their clothes to help homeless dogs.

This may very well be the hottest calendar you will ever buy.

As it’s not enough just to have pictures of cute dogs. This calendar takes it a step farther.

In an effort to raise money for animal shelters, firefighters, police officers and soldiers in Texas decided to strip off their clothes.

Image Source: Ricki Beason

Photographer Ricki Beason produced the calendar “Heartthrobs and Hound Dogs 2017.”

The hope is to raise money for vulnerable and homeless dogs in Texas and find them new homes, too.

Image Source: Ricki Beason

Every dog in the calendar is available to be adopted.

The idea is to also highlight the work and efforts of firefighters, police officers and military personnel.

Image Source: Ricki Beason

If you want to buy the calendar, click here to order it.

Image Source: Ricki Beason

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