Fisherman shakes in fear – but now watch when his unexpected guest turns around

Some people unfortunately show animals little or no respect, thinking that the creatures that roam our earth have no rights or deserve no dignity.

But time and time again, we witness this perception fall apart. Animals are nothing short of majestic — they are precious, and should certainly always be treated with respect.

We share our planet with a huge variety of species other than ourselves. Among these are the great bear.

Often feared and almost always respected, the bear is known to be fierce and can also be deadly.

But in the clip below, shared to YouTube back in 2014 but impossible not to share again and again, we see a whole other side to the great beast. 

This video, which has gotten a whopping 11 million views on YouTube, features a fisherman and his most unexpected encounter.

A bear approaches, and while the fisherman is likely shaking with fear, he remains calm enough to capture the moment of film. What then takes place before our eyes is simply amazing — a moment where nature, animals and humans are in complete harmony.

I actually believe that animals can feel when people have respect for them — and often repay it with equal respect.

Please consider sharing this amazing moment with your family and friends if you agree that nature is incredible.

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