Got the autumn blues? Here are 17 pics of calves that I guarantee will make you smile

Got the autumn blues? Here are 17 pics of calves that I guarantee will make you smile

The world can be a very serious and dull place. And with colder temperatures and darker days arriving, things can seem a bit extra gloomy at the moment.

That’s why we need things that will bring more joy into our everyday lives. Things that’ll cheer us up and make us smile and laugh.

And nothing does that better than cute animals.

That’s why we have gathered 17 pictures of cute little Highland calves that will surely get you better in a mood if you’re feeling a little down.

And there’s nothing like seeing someone smile and laugh — so make sure to spread the joy with your friends and family after seeing these pictures.

1. Am I a cutie or what?

2. Oh how wonderful it is to be out in the fresh air!


3. What y’all think of my 1980’s hair do?


4. King of the Hill!

5. Who’s up for a staring contest?

6. I’m feeling extra tough today.

7. Cute silver dun alert!

8. A little nap never hurt anybody.

9. I love playing in the snow!

10. When fall time comes around, I’m all about the cuddles.

11. Who else loves milk?

Sweet baby James wasn't able to nurse from his momma. So now he is staying inside for a few days until he learns to take a bottle. We stocked up on peepee pads and diapers tonight. I wish you could crate train a cow, life would be much easier ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: #scottishhighland #cow #dailycute #babyanimals #babyanimalsofinstagram #furbaby #animallover #dailyfluff #cutenessoverload #animalsofinstagram #asheville #ashevillenc #northcarolina #nc #Scottish #highlandcow #farmlife #farmer #farmanimals #newborn #buzzfeedanimals #appalachianmountains #blueridgemountains #blueridgeparkway #blueridge #appalachian

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12. Running wild!

13. You guys taking a picture of me?


14. Ready for my shot!

15. Say hi to the little calf Findley!

My friend has a new baby at her house. Findley is a silver Scottish Highland baby girl. #scottishhighlandcow #calves #calf #babycow

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16. Best-friends-forever.

17. Toodles folks, hope to see you again soon!

Please share these wonderful pictures if you want to invite someone to a smile today!

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