Grandmom walks in and asks for the oldest dog that nobody wants – look now who comes out

Grandmom walks in and asks for the oldest dog that nobody wants – look now who comes out

Not all dogs have the same luck in life.

Many end up in loving families from an early age, become essential family members and live long and happy lives.

But others don’t ever make it to a home.

I think this was what one amazing woman was thinking to herself when she stepped into an animal shelter for orphaned dogs.

Melani Andrews has children and grandchildren and plenty of love in her life.

Now she wanted to share some of that love with a four-legged friend who wasn’t as fortunate. So she stepped into Sacramento, California’s Front Street Animal Shelter and asked a question.

She wanted to adopt the oldest dog — one that no one else wanted.

“This kind woman walked into our shelter and asked who the oldest, hardest to adopt dog was,” the animal shelter writes on its Facebook page.

Seventy-two-year-old Melani Andrews was feeling really lonely after losing her partner, and to make matters worse, her dog had passed away, as well.

She needed some company.

“I was feeling down and a little depressed,” Melani told The Dodo. “My grandkids came over one night, and they said, ‘Grandma, you need somebody to keep you company. You can’t just sit around here all by yourself.'”

That somebody would be Jake.

© Melani Andrews

Just Like Melani, Jake had been alone for some time.

When Melani asked for the oldest dog at the shelter, the staff introduced her to Jake. Jake had lived there for a while. He was old and had been through it all — cancer and skin problems to name just two.

Melani immediately decided to adopt him.

“Melani came to the shelter not just to find a great dog, but to save a life and give unconditional love to a dog in need,” the shelter writes on its Facebook page.

The 12-year-old dog was allowed to go home with Melani.

Melani didn’t care that the veterinary costs would most likely be costly, considering Jake’s multiple conditions. Nor did she care that he was deaf and partially blind.

She just wanted to take care of a dog in need. And give it lots of love.

Now, Jake sure has made himself feel like home in his new habitat — I mean look how comfortable and happy he looks!

© Melani Andrews

“Jake’s two friends ignored me, but Jake perked up and started howling,” Melani told The Dodo. “So I said, ‘It looks like he wants to go, and I’ll take him.'”

“Every day I laugh a little bit more,” she went on to say. “It’s not so lonesome. I think Jake knows that I love him because he’ll come over to me and he’ll rub up against me and ask me to rub his backside. And then he’ll nose me with his nose. And a dog that doesn’t know that somebody loves him wouldn’t be doing anything like that.”

I’m so happy these two found solace in each other! Dogs truly are man’s best friend.

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