Groom tells bride “we’ve now become a family of 3” – then points behind her

Weddings are—in most cases—filled with love, happiness, and celebration.

But they also tend to attract little surprises.

So you never know quite what will happen once the big day comes and you’re on the spot—something Jeff Althoff showed when married his beloved Jenna.

Like many guys, Jeff wanted to surprise his future wife with a special gift.

And what would a wedding be without a little mystery?

It all started at the reception while Jeff was giving a speech to the wedding guests.

He pointed to Jenna…

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“Would you agree with me that the last few hours have been the best hours of your life as a family of two,” Jeff asked.

Jenna smiled and nodded.

“Well, I’m proud to announce that we have now become a family of three,” said Jeff.

The guests started clapping, while Jenna’s smile turned to a look of confusion. She had no idea what he was talking about.

Because if anyone should have known that the couple was expecting a baby, it would be her…

But seconds later, Jeff pointed behind his new bride.

Watch this video to see Jeff’s wonderful surpise and Jenna’s awesome reaction:

It turns out Jenna had wanted a puppy her whole life—and Jeff is obviously a good listener.

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