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Guys Go Boating And Get A Shock From Some Underwater Friends.

During the summer of 2010, a dad, his sons, and one of his buddies decided to spend the day on the water. They dropped their boat in the flooded Spoon River in Illinois, and looked forward to a relaxing day. Little did they know they were about to get a whole lot more than they bargained for. I’ve never seen anything like what happened that beautiful summer day. To say that the fish were flying is an understatement. The reservoir was so full of jumping Asian carp that by the time the guys got back on dry land, they counted more than 70 five- to 10-pound fish in their boat. One of the boys was so frightened that he curled up in fetal position in the front of the boat and stayed there the entire time. But the others couldn’t stop laughing. I found it both horrifying and hilarious as they zipped down the reservoir trying to avoid all of the airborne fish. It’s an amazing sight and I promise, you’ve never seen anything like it!

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