Elijah has been homeless for 3 years – and he’s desperate for a loving owner

After being found three years ago, stray dog Elijah has been without a permanent home or a loving family since. The thought of being without our loved ones would send most of us into despair, but not adorable Elijah. 

He was spotted near New York’s Long Island Expressway by a couple of police officers, who then took him to the Brookhaven Animal Shelter. But since then, it’s been three Christmases and birthdays without a present from his mum and dad, or without someone slipping him food under the table. Three years without being put in silly costumes for Halloween and other holidays.

Elijah loves humans too – any time one goes near him he smiles wide and wags his tail furiously. Whether that be someone approaching his cage, taking him for a week or simply coming over to say hello.

The only thing that could make him smile more would be for someone to give him the home he deserves. For Elijah’s full story, see the video below:

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