Horse collapses on New York street – cannot pull a single tourist more

We at Newsner defend animals rights – regardless of the shape or size of the animal.

Therefore, it was very upsetting when we saw these pictures of a New York city tourist carriage horse collapsed- in the middle of the street.

Horses-pulling carriages for tourists are common in any city that attracts tourism – and New York city is of course no exception.

Understandably, tourists are attracted by this seemingly innocent and enjoyable service that allows one to see a city at a leisurely pace.

Unfortunately, there is dark side of the business – many of the horses that pull tourists are heavily neglected.

These images residents in New York city took show 14-year-old horse Norman collapsed on the floor from fatigue after his driver pushed him too hard.


Bogdan Paul Angheluta had just left a bar nearby at two a.m., when he saw the driver pushing the horse to cross the street in haste before the ight turned red.

But the horse could not keep up – and collapsed on the street.

When Paul took a picture of the poor horse lying in the middle of the road, the carriage driver tried to stop him by holding his hand against his phone.


For 20 minutes, Norman simply lay exhausted on the road, too drained to get up again.

With the help of the driver and several other bystanders, the horse was finally on its feet again

Animal welfare organization Nyclass has now registered the case and is investigating the horse’s caretakers.

According to the organization, Norman recovered after the incident and is doing better today.

Regardless, it feels like the next time we travel to another city- we have to ask ourselves – is it really wortht supporting a business that can see animals suffer so greatly? It clearly appears that horse carriage riding is at times too heavy and strenuous for the beautiful animals and may even, at times, be harmful.

We must stop exploiting animals for our own entertainment and amusement. Share so all your friends can also be aware of the situation for tourist carriage pulling horses. 

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