Horse comforts dying owner in her hospital bed, fulfilling her last wish

As a woman lay on her death bed, there was only one thing she could think about: her beloved horse.

The 58-year-old was in her final days when she expressed her final wish to her family and caretakers. Luckily, the hospice staff could only oblige and with help from her family, managed to make her final wish come true.


The dying woman, whose identity has not been revealed to protect her privacy, wanted just one thing: to run her fingers through her beloved horse’s fur just one last time.

The compassionate medical team arranged to grant her final wish and soon, the Icelandic mare named Dana was loaded into a horse trailer and transported to the clinic where her owner was being held.

Dana is soon brought over to her, as she lays on her gurney surrounded by loved ones. With help from her family, she raises her hand to nuzzle her horse’s nose.

What an incredible bond these two clearly share!

Watch as the events unfold in the video below.

What a moving moment! These two obviously have an incredible bond. Share their final reunion with your family and friends if it touched your heart, too!