Horse Freed After 12-Hour Long Rescue Operation.

When horse farmer Marek Soldowski came in to check on his horse one morning, he was completely shocked. His horse, Freedom, had fallen into a hole in the barn. The planks which had covered the hole had broken under her weight. Marek had been a horse farmer for 13 years, and he had never seen anything like this before. He panicked. He hastened to fetch hay to fill the hole, hoping Freedom could press it down to get a little bit higher, but unfortunately that didn’t work. After trying to pull out the horse by himself for a while, he realized he needed help. So he called the fire department. Read more on the incredible rescue below.  

Freedom started getting tired, and it became difficult to stand on her own.

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Firefighters carefully put their hoses under the horse’s body and tried to lift her up, but Freedom was too heavy.

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After 12 long hours, her legs failed her, she seemed to have given up hope, and lay down in the hole. Freedom was extremely tired.

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Marek was scared. He leaned over his beloved horse and patted her on the neck. “Do not die now, stay awake,” he whispered in her ear.

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And Freedom listened. Suddenly it was as if her strength came back. She stood up again, after lying still for several hours. She was now determined to get out of there!

Marek shouted for the firefighters to rush in and get ready to help Freedom, as she managed to free one of her front legs out of the hole, and now she can help them pull her up. Firefighters counted to three and then pulled with all their power.

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And it worked! Freedom was at last liberated thanks to amazing efforts and team work.

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Good thing she didn’t give up, and luckily many were there to help out. Now we hope that Marek cover up the hole in the barn properly so that this never happens again.

Watch the video below for more details.

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