Huge Lynx purrs like a cat when his favorite people pet him

There are few things that I find as fascinating as seeing wildlife up close. Especially when we’re talking about animals that one seldom has the chance to see.

Canadian lynx Max, born in captivity, and partially tame, is now allowing people to understand his kind- by meeting with people up close. 

He helps educate the public about how important it is to protect wild lynx in Canada. His owner who uploaded this clip on YouTube, writes that Max has been allowed to keep his claws and that he can move both indoors and outdoors in his enclosure.

However, he’s too tame to be released into the wild.

When I see Max cuddle with his owners in the video below, I can’t help but notice how similar he is an ordinary cat. He purrs like a cat, and even wants to be pet like a cat.

How beautiful is he! 

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