Inconsolable dog hasn’t seen owner in two months – now watch their emotional reunion

When you have a strong bond with your pet, hours can feel like days when you’re apart, weeks like years.

You’ll understand the difficulty if you’ve ever had to leave your cat or dog in the care of someone else, and you’ll fathom the love you feel when you’re finally back with your four-legged friend again.

It truly is an emotional bomb when pet owners are reunited with their pets. On such special occasions, a camera should always be on hand so that you can relive the excitement again later. To see the pure joy on a dog’s face when he/she recognizes their owner is home… that raw emotion simply can’t be replicated any other way.

Michael Tully can vouch for this. He had been away from his dog, Miss Poppy, for two long months. Miss Poppy patiently waited every day for him to come home.

Then – when the two months were up – suddenly Miss Poppy’s ears picked up on something she never thought she would never hear again…

miss poppy
Photo: Youtube

‘I have a surprise for you. There’s somewhere here who wants to see you,’ one of the pup’s other owners says in the clip.

Miss Poppy immediately understands what she’s being told – you can actually see the moment her tail and ears prick up in uncontrollable excitement. Her eyes go to the door and… there he stands. Her dreams have come true. Her beloved owner is back.

Watch the clip below and SHARE if you understand what it’s like to miss your pet. Dogs really are mans’ best friend.


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