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Incredible Images: Camera Captures Birth Of Tiger Twins Up Close.

First, let me just say that tigers are wild animals born to live their lives in freedom. But at the same time, I can’t help but share this clip. It really shows how amazing nature truly is!

Tigers usually give birth in secluded places, which is why few people ever witness a tiger giving birth with their own eyes. But in the video below, we’re given a close up view of this normally secluded miracle of nature.

Zookeeper Giles Clark had the honor being present as a mother tiger gives birth to twins. His colleagues follow the process closely on a live video feed. When the first cub comes out, the staff cheers. But they soon realize something’s wrong: the cub isn’t breathing properly.

It takes two long minutes before the baby finally begins to breathe. How fortunate! But it’s not over yet, because the mother is about to give birth to another cub…

Watch the whole thing below. It’s incredible!

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