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It’s a completely ordinary drive for this owner and her dog – then this song plays on the radio

Like humans, all dogs have their own, unique personality. They can be more or less excited, more or less playful and more or less heavy with their appetite. They may also very well have different taste in music – and their very own favorite songs.

Dog Xena can’t stop howling when she hears Whitney Houston. Dog Honey in the clip below? She has different taste – but certainly just as much enthusiasm.

Mum and her dog Honey are out for a regular drive. But their ordinary ride turns into a rather exciting one, when the radio plays a classic. And this is a classic Honey always has the same reaction to – it’s by far her favorite song. 

Needless to say, Honey can’t contain her excitement when her song comes on. Have a watch for yourself below.

Moments like this between owners and their dogs always warm my heart. You can just feel the strong bond these two have between them.  

Please share if watching the two together also made you happy. And if it can get any of your friends to smile today, then it’s worth sharing, too!

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