Jimmy’s Idea To Make People Feel Safe During Nights: Let A Dog Walk You Home.

When autumn arrives a lot of people tends to feel quite unsafe and sometimes even scared to stay outside during the evenings. Because of this, this guy came up with a brilliant idea, with a little help from mans best friend…

When student Jimmy Larsson was out walking his dog on a dark night in a northern Swedish town he noticed that the woman he met seemed to be quite scared of him.

This made him feel really sad; no one should have to feel unsafe when walking our jogging during the evenings. So Jimmy made a post on Facebook where he wrote about his feelings. And he got a lot of positive feedback from people that read his post. This, combined with some tough personal experiences, helped him to come up with an idea.

– A few years ago, my friends and me got jumped and assaulted outside a nightclub, and this is probably what made me get over the fear. I started training at a higher level and decided that I never again would be afraid when I was outside during the nights. And now I want to help others as well, Jimmy tells SVT.

So, Jimmy created a club called “The Walkers of Safety” that in a short time has gathered 134 members and over 20 walkers that guards the streets in the town. A lot of the members are police students that often bring their dogs with them on the walks.

And now, people that feel unsafe or scared during the nights can just call “The Walkers of Safety” and someone shows up and walks you home in the company of a reliable dog.

In case you are a bit afraid of big dogs, the club also has a little dachshund and according to Jimmy he is just as tough as the other dogs.

– Yeah, without a doubt, and the owner are quite tough as well, Jimmy says to SVT.

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