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Linda’s Horse Rafferty Is Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale.

Four years ago, Linda Thyselius discovered and immediately fell in love with Rafferty – and it’s not difficult to understand why. As far as we’re concerned here at Newsner, he is definitely one of the most beautiful horses we have ever seen.

Meet the Irish cob stallion, ITS Rafferty. From this angle, he looks like a rather ordinary horse. strong>

Photo: Facebook

But Rafferty is far from boring! He has a huge mane and beautiful, kind eyes. He basically looks like he came straight out of a fairytale.

Photo: Facebook/Miina Anahita


Linda had not actually been planning to buy a horse, but when she saw an ad about ITS Rafferty in the newspaper, she could not help herself.

Photo: Facebook


Rafferty’s mane is truly amazing. Linda regularly braids it, despite that the process takes 5-6 hours each time.

Photo: Facebook


“I make ten or twelve braids in his mane and bangs, and count on the braids keeping for a couple of weeks at a time. Fortunately, Rafferty think it’s a fun game, otherwise we would never have been able to keep his mane so well kept with all the work it takes,” she says.

Lina usually competes with Rafferty and this week he’s off to Sweden for the International Horse Show.

Photo: Facebook


What a beautiful horse you have, Linda!

Photo: Facebook/Miina Anahita


Photo: Facebook


To see more striking photos of Rafferty, you can check out hisFacebook page. Yes, this horse has his own Facebook page.

The beautiful horse was beautifully portrayed by talented photographer Miina Anahita, who snapped the two absolutely stunning images of IFL Rafferty above, as he galloped around the forest.

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