Mama duck sneaks into house with ducklings – then the owner turns on camera and trails them

There’s something magical about seeing a mother duck lead her ducklings to water.

But it’s something else altogether when that mama decides to take an unusual shortcut—through a woman’s house.

For a few years, Caroline Verhees has had the honor of having a mother duck use her backyard to raise baby ducklings each summer. Over time, the mother duck has become more used to humans, and she seems to trust Caroline 100 percent.

Instead of forcing the ducks to walk around her house to the pond across the street, Caroline opened the door so that, if they wanted to, the ducks could take a shortcut to the pond across the road.

“One morning, I heard a ticking sound in the garden and, when I looked, I saw her with her 12 little ones, ticking on my window. I put away the dog, opened the front door and then the back door, and she walked through my living room,” Caroline told Little Things.

Ducks usually keep their ducklings far from predators like cats or foxes, and they can travel long distances to reach the nearest water. But luckily, this mother duck found a better route.

Watch the mama duck lead her ducklings through the living room and down to the water in the video below. This is just too cute!

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