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Man adopts an old stray dog, then his life changes forever

Once many years ago, I befriended a stray dog who kept hanging out on my front lawn every day. It was a beautiful black labrador retriever. Although living on the street, he was very different from any stray dog I’d ever met. He loved humans and was extremely affectionate yet playful and attentive. I took him in one day and decided to give the poor guy a bath –  he seemed appreciative and happy. I grew up with dogs myself so I find myself sometimes being able to read their minds. I named him Buddy, cause that’s what he was to me – my buddy.

I started feeding Buddy meals every day and he started living at mine somehow. We became the best of friends but I wasn’t really his owner, I would let him do his thing, roam the streets and then he would always come back to me. Our friendship went on for months – but one day Buddy never came back home. I’m not sure what happened to Buddy and I often think of him. I know one thing though – I’m glad I took that dog in for the amount of time I did and showed him love and affection. Cause I truly think every stray dog should have the chance to experience this in their lifetime.

And this is exactly what a new music video made by PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is all about. With the permission of Cat Stevens, now Yusuf Islam, they have used his beautiful song “I Love My Dog,” to create a moving video which will bring any animal love to tears. You can watch it further down below.

The music video begins with one man deciding to adopt a stray dog, so he take a trip to the shelter to pick out a pooch. When he sets his eyes on one particular older dog it’s definitely love at first sight. There’s no doubt about which dog he wants to take home with him.


The music video clearly shows us how the man and his new pet become more than just that – they become friends. Endless evenings hanging out in front of the TV, long walks, cuddles and kisses. The love is just overwhelming and sweet between these two.


The story takes a sad turn however, there’s a moment where you can clearly see in the way the dog looks in his owner’s eyes that something is not quite right. The owner takes the dog to the veterinarian and you quickly understand that the mood is serious. The owner has to make that horrible decision every dog owner in the world fears.


You might think it’s a tragic and sad video but I don’t see it that way. You see, the message it’s trying to convey is that it doesn’t matter how long you get to spend with your dog, because dogs can bring joy to your life and you will definitely bring joy to theirs. We don’t know what the dog in the video must have gone through before crossing paths with this compassionate and great man, but we do know that his last period on earth was a great one and he died happy. Something every stray dog deserves.

Please share this wonderful video and message with all animal lovers out there, who agree that every stray dog deserves love, affection and a home.

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