Man Can’t Bear To See Dogs Suffer, So He Saves 450 Of Them.

If doggie heaven were a place on earth, this is what it would look like… complete with bowls full of chow and 450 friends to run and play with. And if you were one of the dogs here, you’d be particularly appreciative because, like all the resident hounds here, you’d have come from a life on the street.

Welcome to Sasa Pejčić’s doggie paradise, where underfed and abused dogs come to live out their best possible life. Before Pejčić created his sanctuary in Serbia, the dogs lived miserable lives on the street, often after being abused or neglected.

But Pejčić’s couldn’t let the homeless dogs he saw live that way, so he founded a shelter to give them a new life. Little did he know, he would soon have hundreds of canines under his care.

These dogs, that never had proper medicine to take care of their ailments, never had good food to fill their stomachs, and never had soft beds to sleep on at night, suddenly found themselves with all of that and more. And it’s a joy to see them all together, knowing what they’ve gone through. Many people must also feel this way, because they now have the love of dedicated humans to play with. 

Dog rescuer 1


Pejčić’s sanctuary is supported by The Harmony Fund, an American aid organization that works small rescue animal around the world. This allows Pejčić and his staff to do their incredible work in the old riding stables he took over a few years ago. 

Dog rescuer 2


This shelter and the 450 dogs who live there rely mostly on donations for food and other expenses.

Dog rescuer 3


Without Pejčić, these dogs would be without food, home, and hope.

Dog rescuer 4


For information about how to help support these dogs, check out the Harmony Fund’s donation page. And to see 450 dogs have the time of their lives, running and playing together, watch the adorable video below.

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