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Man Rescues Kitten Trapped Behind The Wall Of An Abandoned Hospital.

Photographer Joshua Gold recently visited an abandoned hospital in Troy, New York to take some pictures. As he started taking pictures, he thought he had the eerie building to himself. But when he suddenly heard a noise, he realized he wasn’t alone.

When Joshua heard screaming on the third floor, he had a spooky feeling. But he quickly realized that they weren’t coming from any ghost—they were coming from animal crying out for help.

Here’s the scene inside the abandoned hospital when Joshua heard the screams.

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hospital 1

It’s no place for an animal to call home.

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hospital 2

Joshua followed the cries and realized they came from a space behind a wall.He stood on a chair and reached up to a heating duct, trying to get a look. He couldn’t see what was inside, but he filmed the scene anyway with his cell phone. Eventually, he gave up and went to Walmart to buy a ladder.

When Joshua returned, it was getting late. He had to act quickly. With the help of the ladder, he could see over the wall. Down below was a small kitten, no more than four weeks old.

Now that he knew what was down there, he decided to make a hole in the wall.

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hospital 3

The kitten was far too small and desperate for Joshua to leave there. And there was no trace of the kitten’s mother. When Joshua looked through the hole, he was greeted by the most adorable little face.

The kitten was terrified and used his last strength to hiss at Joshua and his flashlight.

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hospital 4

Joshua took the cat to his car. All he had to ship the kitten in was his empty freezer. He put some food in the bottom so the cat could get something in its belly.

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hospital 5

When they got home, Joshua fed the kitten well.

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hospital 6

And he named him Leonard.

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hospital 7

Leonard was finally safe! And with a little food and lots of love, he immediately became stronger and happier.

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hospital 8

See Joshua’s dramatic video of the rescue here:

Good luck, little Leonard!

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