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Man rescues stranded octopus – now watch the wonderful gesture it does in return

Back in 2013, a man was walking along a beach in Singapore when something stopped him in his tracks.

He saw an octopus fighting for his life. It had probably gotten stuck when the tide went out.

The man didn’t hesitate for a second to help it. He took a plastic cup, filled it with sea water, and carefully lifted up the stranded octopus.

Then, the man released it back to the ocean.

After he was done, he stood there feeling grateful to have helped, as the octopus acclimated itself to its natural environment.

The creature started breathing and wobbling around, and its eyes started blinking.

And the story could have ended there, but what happened next is something the man will never forget.

Although this happened a few years ago, it’s so special, we just had to share it. Scroll down to see how this incredible octopus reacted to being rescued!

© YouTube

The octopus spread out its tentacles, slipped over the sandy bottom of the shallow water, and crept up to the man’s feet.

Then, it placed two tentacles on the man’s shoes, almost as if to say, “Thank you for saving my life.”

© YouTube

Finally, the octopus swam to its freedom. Check out the amazing rescue and “thank you” here:

Everyone who takes the time to save an animal deserves our deepest respect, whether that animal is a dog, a cat, or as it is in this case, a stranded octopus.

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