Man Saves Dog Trapped At The Bottom Of A Deep Canal.

In August 2014, a surveillance camera above a canal in Guayaquil, Ecuador caught the courageous efforts of an anonymous hero on tape. The footage starts with a dog trapped at the bottom of a deep canal. The pup struggles to climb up the canal’s steep wall, but with each try, it slips back to the bottom. It’s a heart-wrenching sight, but luckily, help soon arrives. Several passersby notice the pup and one of them quickly volunteers to rescue the dog. When you see the rescuer make the treacherous descent, you’ll appreciate how dedicated he is to saving the stranded pup. He could’ve easily slipped and gotten seriously injured. But once the man makes contact with the dog, the worst is over. And from there it’s a joy to watch the two ascend together to safety. Watch the heroic rescue below!

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