Meet Ricochet, the world’s only surfing therapy dog, who helps disabled kids dare to live again

When Ricochet was born, her owner had already decided that she’d become a service dog and help children and adults with physical or mental disabilities.

Ricochet’s training began as soon was born. In the beginning, everything was fine, but as she grew, Ricochet became more mischievous.

Ricochet chased birds, was easily distracted, and ignored her teacher—not good traits for a service dog.

After Ricochet failed her service dog test, her owner, Judy, wasn’t ready to give up hope. For several months, she worked to overcome Ricochet’s mischievous behavior before ultimately realizing it was useless.

Judy was on the edge of despair when she realized that just because Ricochet would never be a service dog didn’t mean she couldn’t still help others.

It was Riochet herself who started surfing when she jumped on a small surfboard in a kiddie pool at just eight weeks old.

Later, Ricochet got a chance to surf in the ocean and instantly found her balance. Now, she rides the waves with children and adults to help them to build trust and raise their self-esteem.

Ricochet is the only surfing dog in the world who helps children with disabilities, kids with special needs, veterans with PTSD, and many others.

Watch a video of Ricochet helping children with various disabilities surf. Among other things, Ricochet helps a boy named Ian who lost both of his parents in a car accident overcome his trauma.

After the accident, Ian was afraid to surf—despite the fact that he used to surf with his dad. But after meeting Ricochet, he wanted to surf again.

It’s so inspiring to see how happy people get when they meet Ricochet. Please share this video if you also think that dogs can work wonders!

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