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Meet The Adorable Rare Foal With The Cookies-and-Cream Coat.

This little foal is a one-of-a-kind cutie that is winning the hearts of animal lovers across the world.

Born on February 9, 2016, the foal was named Lady Nadira, meaning “rare” in Swahili. And when you see her, you’ll understand why her owners gave her the name. While most horses are solid grey, brown, or black, Nadira has a distinctive cookies-and-cream coat. That’s because the beautiful foal is a cross between a bay leopard Haflinger and the only few-spot Gypsy stallions left in the United States.

But it’s not just her unique heritage that has animal lovers saying “aww.” As you can see in the photos and videos below, Nadira is also a bundle of love!

Here’s Nadira on her birthday—as in the day she was born!

Nadira 1

Facebook/Life with Lady Nadira

And here she is with her mom, a beautiful bay leopard Haflinger.

Nadira's mom

Facebook/Life with Lady Nadira

Nadira may be only a couple weeks old, but she’s already friends with all of the dogs on her farm.

Nadira 2.7

Facebook/Life with Lady Nadira

Recently, Nadira experienced her first rainy night and she even went on Facebook to let her fans know how it went. “Good Morning world! Made it through my first rainy night, and boy was it windy too. Glad I had my blankie on—kept me nice and toasty all night. The human took it off this morning and I’m FREE!! haha!”

Nadira 2.8

Facebook/Life with Lady Nadira

We’re glad Nadira is being raised with and we look forward to watching her grow! For more of this sweet foal, check out Nadira’s Facebook page and check out the video below.

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