Mom Gives Birth To Baby Elephant. But Watch When The Herd Sees The Tiny Miracle.

This unique video shows what happens when a wild elephant gives birth. It’s a community event and the whole herd works together to protect the mother and her calf. They seem to know just what the baby needs and they also can’t help announcing the birth with some delightful trumpeting sounds.

It’s an amazing start to life and one that very few people get to see up close. Check it out below!

Christian and Ginette Leroy got to experience something special when they visited Chobi National Park in Botswana. Suddenly, they came upon a herd of elephants, where a female elephant had just given birth.

The elephant herd circles around the mother and her little calf as soon as the baby is born. And in the video, you can both see and hear how excited the other elephants are. They emit high trumpeting sounds to welcome the newborn.

The elephants cover the little elephant’s sensitive skin with sand to protect it from the sun.

With the help of their trunks, the elephants give the little calf a boost so he can stand up on his wobbly legs.

It’s not easy standing up when your legs feel like jelly, but soon, the little elephant is up on its legs.

What a wonderful community of caring creatures! Watch this once-in-a-lifetime video below:

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