Mum goes up on stage and bows – but it’s the dog’s reaction that enchants the entire arena

Dogs are incredibly intelligent animals – and they really never stop to amaze us with their great talents. This clip from the 2012 edition of the “Eurasia Dog Show” is a perfect example of this.

The video features a woman and her dog competing in the freestyle competition, where owner and dog perform an impressive routine – synchronized to music.  

And what a job they do! Every movement is synchronized to the smallest detail – and their great skill is clearly appreciated by the audience. Just think of the hours of training and practice to succeed in a routine like this. 

The fantastic duet finish their routine to grand cheers from the crowd – but best of all is how much fun they have clearly had. A round of applause and two big thumbs up for this magical performance that today, five years later, still has the world in awe!

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