Neglected, Nearly Blind Dog Transforms After She’s Shown Love And Affection.

It’s unbelievable that some pet owners absolutely refuse to give their animals proper medical care and don’t even show their pets warmth or affection. All dogs want to be loved and get a belly rub now and then. And they return any love they’re given many times over.

Sarah, a great Dane/hound mix, is no exception. When the only person who had ever cared for her died, Sarah stopped getting the love she needed. Her late owner’s spouse kept her chained up to a box in the middle of a cotton field, leaving Sarah isolated, covered in flies, and surrounded by her own waste.

Although Sarah’s owner knew she needed love, she thought the dog was too disgusting to touch, and ignored her. She said, “I think she wants me to touch her, but she’s yucky and I don’t want to do it.” But when Sarah took a turn for the worse, her owner finally called PETA to step in and take action.

When animal rescuers from PETA arrived at Sarah’s side, she was drooling and her eyes were filled with mucus. Sarah’s owner thought the dog had rabies, but Sarah’s drooling was actually the result of depression, stress, and the pain of her many ailments. The mucus in her eyes was a chronic condition called dry eye, which if left untreated causes blindness. Sarah’s other medical problems included fleas, intestinal worms, and heartworms.

PETA brought Sarah to Norfolk, Virginia, for medical treatment and recovery. While there, a staffer found out that some friends had recently lost a dog. Thinking Sarah might be a good fit for this family, the staffer made an introduction.

The love between Sarah and her new family was instant and mutual. Now, Sarah is thriving at her new home, where she gets a lot more love and attention than at her former home. “I hope that Sarah will have a very long and happy life with us here,” said Sarah’s new owner.

To see how quickly the power of love transformed Sarah, check out the video below. But be warned, some of the images of Sarah before she was rescued are difficult to watch.

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