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Newborn Kitten Was Near Death When A Woman Rescued Him From The Street.

Today, a little cutie named Bruce is a healthy kitty who gets a lot of love. But Bruce wasn’t always so lucky. When he was just a day old, the newborn was found abandoned in the pouring rain on a street in Auckland, New Zealand.  Fortunately, the right person found Bruce, and now he lives in a loving home with his mom, dad, and older cat sister, Jager.

After Bruce was born last November, he was immediately abandoned. Kathryn Van Beek was on her way home from work when she saw the newborn kitten crawling on a rainy street in central Auckland. She was shocked by what she saw. The kitten was so young, he still had his umbilical cord.

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Kathryn looked around to see if the kitten belonged someone in the area, but she wasn’t able to find anyone who would claim him. So Kathryn took Bruce home, and her little family grew by one.

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Kathryn named her new baby after Bruce Wayne from “Batman.” Kathryn and her partner took turns feeding Bruce and they both warmed him with blankets to help him survive.

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After nearly two weeks with his new parents, Bruce weighed just over 100 grams and his eyes were still closed.

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But Bruce proved to be a little fighter. He grew stronger by the day, and he soon opened his intense, beautiful eyes.

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A short while later, Bruce could eat by himself. He developed into a healthy and playful little kitten.


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Now Bruce is 23 weeks old. His family created a Facebook page and a website for him, and fans and followers around the world are watching him grow.

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It’s extremely lucky that there are kindhearted animal lovers like Kathryn and her partner in the world. They helped a little kitten who didn’t get a good start in life and gave him a second chance at a loving existence.

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