Nobody knows why cow keeps crying — then they realize her former owner’s terrible secret

Just like human mothers, cows and many other animals have a strong maternal instinct.

When this cow was rescued by an animal sanctuary, she cried for days on end.

The people who rescued her had no idea why. But when they noticed that Karma was dripping milk, they confronted the cow’s previous owner—and saved the day.

The Gentle Barn brings abused and neglected animals to its sanctuary so that the animals can live without fear of starving or being abused.

Back in 2009, the organization experienced a moment that its staff will never forget.

They took in a cow called Karma. But what they didn’t know was that Karma’s previous owner had hidden something from them—something that made Karma cry for days.

Image Source: YouTube/gentlebarn

It turned out that Karma’s former owner neglected to tell them that the cow had given birth just before the Gentle Barn took her. And to make matters worse, the owner was most likely going to slaughter Karma’s calf and sell the meat.

When the Gentle Barn team realized this, they acted quickly.

They went to the former owner and demanded that the calf be returned to his mother.

Image Source: YouTube/gentlebarn

Luckily, they managed to persuade the person, and immediately put the calf into a wagon and drove home.

Image Source: YouTube/gentlebarn

As soon as Karma saw her calf, which was thin and lanky, she ran as close to her as possible.

Karma’s tears were now tears of joy.

Image Source: YouTube/gentlebarn

The calf was so tired that she collapsed beside her mother. But a little while later, she finally got the nutrition she needed.

And Karma was now the happiest mom in the world.

Image Source: YouTube/gentlebarn

This really proves that the bond between mother and child is unbreakable no matter what the species.

I couldn’t help but a shed a tear when I first saw this reunion. Watch the beautiful moment here:

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