One look at this and you’ll understand why many people think this is the world’s finest horse

Frederik the Great is considered by many to be one of the world’s most beautiful horses.

The first word that comes to mind when you see this stallion is “majestic.”

The Friesian horse is not only incredibly beautiful to look at, but also has incredible strength and speed.

Frederik is owned by the company Pinnacle Fresians, and lives among the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas in the United States.

The stunningly beautiful stallion has slowly been gaining more attention, and he is even appreciated by people who don’t consider themselves horse lovers.

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Frederik’s breed has been close to extinction three times.

So now, his breeder and owner, Stacy Nazario, is focusing her energy on helping the breed survive.

In this video, she flashes a sign to Frederik, and you should watch carefully to see how he reacts…

It’s really impressive to see how fast, steady, and flexible this beautiful horse is.

I guess this took a lot of training…

I hope a lot people of people see this video and come to appreciate Fresians. Because Frederik and his breed are wonderful to die out. Please share and help Stacy reach her goal!

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