Owner asks cockatoo to go into her cage – now watch her priceless reaction

If you’ve ever had to deal with a stubborn baby, you know that sometimes it can be difficult to make them do what you want. And it’s the same when the owner of this little cockatoo tries to get her to cooperate.

The man kindly asks his cockatoo to go back into her cage. But the bird has other plans and answers with an amazing, albeit nonsensical, rant.

There’s nothing more fun than chatting with a cockatoo or parrot. It’s amazing how these birds can mimic human language down the smallest detail.

This little cockatoo named Pebble, despite having a kind owner, doesn’t seem like she’s having the best of days. When her owner asks her to go back into her cage, she decides to resist.

Although it might be hard to understand everything she says, we’re pretty sure we hear some swear words coming out of her mouth. But even when she’s frustrated, she’s completely adorable.

Pebble is a really stubborn, but completely cute cockatoo. Don’t forget to share this video you’d like to make your friends smile today.

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