Owner Wants To Kill The Dog Because It Shed Too Much. But The Vet Takes A Decision That Is Now Being Hailed By Animal Lovers Everywhere.

Meet this little fellow, a Beagle named Wiz. He is 12-years-old, but perfectly healthy and very charming. Little did he know that just days ago, he may have been on the verge of being euthanized. Not because he was ill. Rather, his owners decided that he was shedding too much hair and that this was a good enough reason to kill him. They took Wiz to a vet to do the deed. But thankfully, the vet would not be easily persuaded…

When the family arrived with Wiz at the clinic, they explained what they wanted to do. But the reason behind their decision just boggled the vet’s mind. She simply could not bring herself to perform this ‘convenience euthanasia’. She persuaded the owners of the perfectly healthy and very well behaved 12-year-old beagle to hand the dog over to her instead, and she would contact animal care organization Secondhand Mutts. Luckily, they agreed!

The veterinarian took in Wiz and handed him over to the animal organization, whom immediately put him up for adoption, describing Wiz as a very happy and energetic dog.

“Despite being 12 years old Wiz is full of life and happy to be alive and well. He is healthy although a lump or two from old age, house trained, doesn’t climb on the furniture and ready for a senior retirement home to sleep in,” the organization wrote on their website.

Wiz has now been given safe and comfortable temporary accommodation, as he waits to find a new family. We hope with all our heart that he finds a permanent family that will treat him better than the last.

Wags the Beagle checking out a soft bed. He’s new to us so we are getting to know him. He’s a 10+ year old looking for a home.

Publicerat av Secondhand Mutts den 23 januari 2016

This veterinarian’s decision to not just blindly follow the owners’ will really warmed my heart. Vets have very difficult jobs and remaining compassionate throughout it all can not be easy – yet this vet clearly remembered the reason why she decided to treat animals in the first place.

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