Police find deserted street cat – then animal lovers build him an entire house

One day, policemen at a station in Boston received an unexpected guest.

A street cat had decided to make the station its new home.

At first, the cops tried to chase the cat away. But those efforts were in vain. 

For whenever they did so, the cat calmly strolled in closer – sending a clear message that it wasn’t going anywhere.

The police at last decided to take care of the cat instead. 

But that proved difficult as street cats are often shy and apprehensive. They thrive in the wild and they don’t normally trust anyone. This applied even to the police, despite that they’d begun to set food out for it.

Source: Boston Police Department

The police repeatedly tried to get the cat inside, but it refused. So they decided to take a different approach: they’d build it a house outside instead.

Several cops got together and build one such house for their cherished visitor.

Source: Boston Police Department

The results exceeded all expectations! The street cat happily accepted its new home and now has great protection against cold and wind.

Source: Boston Police Department

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