Pregnant dog has enormous belly – but when the 9th puppy comes out, huge secret is revealed

Natasha and Alicia were excited about their beloved dog Romy’s first litter. Romy is a 3-year-old Irish setter who would finally be a mom. Natasha is a trained veterinarian and had carefully prepared everything for the birth. The ultrasound revealed that 8 or 9 puppies were waiting in Romy’s enormous belly – a normal litter for her race.

But the birth came with something rather unexpected. 

At first, everything went as planned. Since it was the first time Romy became a mother, she was a little unsure when the first puppy came out. But with Natasha and Alicia’s support, she quickly became calm again.

The birth took 10 hours and eventually, nine healthy puppies surrounded Romy. Just as Natasha had expected.

So it was normal that they were shocked when, suddenly a tenth puppy emerged. And another. And another one!

And it didn’t stop there.

“We thought: When will this end?” Natasha told The Sun afterwards.

Romy eventually had 15 healthy puppies – 10 female and 5 male. While this is an unusual number for her race, she did just fine.

Below you can watch a video of the adorable pups!

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