Pregnant Golden Retriever rescue gives birth to ‘baby cows’ – and everyone is scratching their heads

The good people over at Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue know a thing or two when it comes to taking care of pregnant dogs. As a result, when Rosie arrived at the animal shelter carrying pups inside of her, they were more than happy to take her onboard and assist in the delivery.

After all, Katie and John Black have fostered more than 20 dogs together, and they couldn’t wait for Rosie’s pups to arrive.

Little did they know they were in for quite the surprise when said pups actually entered the world. Suffice to say it was like nothing they’d seen before…

When Golden Retriever mix Rosie arrived at the Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue, owners Katie and John Black were excited to help her bring new puppies into the world.

That was all well and good, but when the time came for the litter to actually be born, the couple were left in a state not too dissimilar to shock. Rosie gave birth to four healthy puppies, all of them beautiful. The issue? Well, none of them look absolutely anything like her.

Katie wrote on Reddit: “Not quite what we were expecting – Our foster dog and Golden Mix gave birth yesterday. To baby cows.”

They favor their Father we are assuming… #rescuepups

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Rosie is a Golden Retriever mix, but she’s distinguished by her color, which is typical of her breed. It’s strange, then, that all four of her pups are spotted black and white.

Like a good mom, however, Rosie didn’t seemed to mind one bit.

“She is one proud Mama,” Katie explained.

The Blacks decided to give the four pups fitting names, with the little bovines known as Daisy, Clarabelle, Betsy, and Moo. There’s no way of knowing who the father is – or what breed he might have been – but it’s a pretty safe bet that he wasn’t another Golden.

Time flies. ?❤️#growingpuppies #rescuepups #dogsofinstagram

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As the pups grew, Katie and John were able to find them their forever homes, with Rosie being successfully adopted as well.

Pets4Homes explains: “When it comes to non-pedigree dogs, mixed breeds and deliberate crossings of two breeds or the subsequent offspring of mixed crossings-like the Labradoodle and Cockapoo – there is a lot more scope for variance, to the point that the color or other manifestations of physical appearance can be quite variable within the same litter.”

Even so, the pictures of Rosie and her brood are absolutely amazing. 

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