Pregnant wild elephant goes into labor – National Park staff can’t believe what she delivers

Childbirth is a natural miracle, no matter the species involved. That said, there can be no denying there are occasions that go beyond the norm.

Two months ago, at the Amboseli Kenyan National Park, one such special occasion was witnessed.

A female elephant, heavily pregnant, went into labour. Little did park staff know the true odds-defying spectacle that was about to ensue…


In late May, 38-year-old Paru, a female elephant at the Amboseli Kenyan National Park, gave birth. And, whilst the act of such a magnificent creature bringing a new soul into the world is truly magical, fate had deigned to make her pregnancy rather unique.

You see, Paru gave birth to twins.


Yes, for humans it’s no great shock to see twins being born, but elephants are a different story altogether.

In fact, as per reports, there’s less than 1% chance a pregnant elephant will give birth to twins. The odds of both babies then surviving are even less, with it far more common that one dies shortly after birth.

“This is a very unique scenario in terms of conservation, particularly in the elephant population. We are really proud, and we are now monitoring, and we are ensuring that the babies are quite in good health,” a member of park staff said.

These twins, however, are both healthy and happy, plodding around with their 40-strong family.

The last time the park welcomed twins was back in 1980, meaning it’s been 30 years since the phenomenon was witnessed. In total there are 1,600 elephants at the National Park, with staff hopeful that numbers can continue to grow following a drought.

As for the twins themselves, they’ve been staying close to their mother and the rest of their family. Poachers remain a constant threat, though with the park’s diligence they’re in safe hands.

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