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Puppy Pablo tries to wipe up his “accident” all by himself

Twenty-one-year-old rapper Acelin Hampton adopted a puppy three months ago, and ever since, he’s posted updates on Twitter about how things are going. Like all puppies, Pablo has a lot to learn. And one of those things is that you should never pee indoors.

Pablo isn’t stupid. Every time he’s had an accident at home, he’s seen how Acelin wipes it up with toilet paper. So now, Pablo has followed his example in the cutest way possible.

Acelin says that Pablo has made great progress recently and almost never pees inside anymore. Recently, however, Acelin’s friend dog-sat for him and was shocked by what Pablo did after he peed a little on the bathroom floor.


Pablo had seen Acelin clean up after him many times, and now it seemed like he was a big boy who could clean up after himself.

When Acelin came home, he discovered that the puppy had unrolled a lot of toilet paper and covered the pee on the floor.


Acelin took a picture of the toilet paper and posted it on his Twitter and it has received almost 10,000 likes.

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