Raccoon was stuck under a big log — now watch when 2 heroes show up and make everything right

Jeff Baird was driving his jeep off-road after a big storm, when he saw something move under a fallen tree. So he got out of his vehicle and went to get a closer look.

And what did he find?

A little raccoon — that had unfortunately ended up in an incredibly precarious situation.

The only explanation was that the tree had fallen straight down on the raccoon during the storm.

The fact that it was still alive and that Jeff noticed it was a miracle. It was pinned from the waist down, and Jeff could see how desperately it was trying to get loose.

He got right to work trying to free the raccoon, and another member of his jeep club soon joined him.

They didn’t want to scare the raccoon any more than they had to, so they put a shirt over its head so it wouldn’t react to their every move.

The two guys had a tool to lift the log, but it couldn’t lift the log high enough for the raccoon to get free.

Then, Jeff’s friend grabbed a grabbed a shovel and they started digging.

Watch this video to see how the rescue turned out:

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