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Rancher Sends Pregnant Horse To Slaughter. But Luckily, These Heroes Step In.

Fancy hasn’t had an easy life. A while back, the horse was unkempt, frightened, and pregnant. But instead of letting the mare become a mother, her owner decided to slaughter her and turn her into food. But luckily, help came just in time.

I really can’t understand how anyone could do something like slaughter a pregnant mare! Read the story of Fancy’s rescue and rehabilitation below:

When the staff at Crossfire Equine Rescue in Mont Belvieu, Texas heard about Fancy, they rushed to stop her planned slaughter. And when they arrived on the scene, rescuers found the horse terrified and they knew it would take a lot of work to make her feel normal again.

The rescue team didn’t want to leave Fancy alone for a minute, so they slept in the barn with her during those first few sleepless nights.

With patience, practice, and a lot of love, Fancy began to transform. She gradually relaxed and became cheerful and trusting again. And the staff knew she’d be a great mother!

In the end, Fancy gave birth to her foal without any complications. And it’s a real sweetie!

Watch the story of Fancy and her little foal here:

I’m so happy there are animal lovers out there who are prepared to do everything to help vulnerable animals. Thank you for doing what you do!

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