Rare animal captured in pictures for first time in 20 years

It’s one of the world’s rarest and most endangered animal species.

Now the small Ili Pika, also known as the “magic rabbit”, has re-emerged for the world – after two long decades of disappearance.

The Ili Pika was discovered in 1983 in the Chinese mountain range, Tian Shan.

We know very little about them – but they’re known to belong to the same family as hares and rabbits.

Source: Imgur

The cute little climbers barely measure 20 centimeters and live among rocky hills. They’re difficult to spot – and until 2014 had not been seen since the early 90s.

That’s when Li Weidong, the same man who initially discovered the species, managed to capture the little fellows on camera again.

Source: Imgur

All I can think is, how cute are they!?

Source: Imgur

Unfortunately, these endangered species’ future doesn’t look too bright. According to Li, the animals have gone down 70% since their original discovery, largely due of global warming which has forced them higher up into the mountains.

Today, it’s estimated that less than 1,000 Ili Pikas remain – and Li hopes that animal organizations play a larger role in studyign and protecting the curious little canines!

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