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Rare Medicine Hat Filly Takes Her First Steps Into The Outside World.

When Coconut was born, everyone was amazed by her rare markings. The baby pinto horse had a colored patch covering her ears and the top of her head, marking her as a so-called “Medicine Hat” horse. In the past, many Native American cultures believed that these special horses had magic powers including being able to protect their owners from injury in battle. And today, these rare beauties are still prized and held in high esteem. So when Coconut was born, her owners knew they had a good luck charm in the newest member of their family. They did everything they could to ensure the health of their precious baby, including keeping her indoors for the first two days of her life. But after two days, it’s time for Coconut the Medicine Hat filly to venture outside and meet her friends and family for the first time. And by the reaction of the other horses on Coconut’s farm, it’s clear that they appreciate this special baby just as much as humans do. See the adorable moment in the video below!  

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