Reporter poses in front of camera – but the horse’s reaction makes the internet burst out laughing

Horses are incredibly intelligent animals, and this playful stallion named Frankie is no exception.

He seems to really understand every time a reporter is talking about him. Because as soon as the reporter starts talking, Frankie is right there to steal the scene.

Frankie hugs him, nuzzles him, and bumps into him with his giant head.

And that’s when the video takes an unexpected turn…

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Thankfully, the reporter seems to appreciate Frankie’s loving statement… He’s not afraid of the big, beautiful, powerful animal.

And even when Frankie starts scratching the reporter’s ear, the guy with the microphone keeps calm and keeps talking.

© YouTube

Being a television reporter means having tough assignments and adapting quickly to the seriousness of the situation.

But in this case, laughter and joy become the story.

Even the reporter realizes that this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment and calls to the cameraman: “I want this movie!”

Check out the wonderful clip below:

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