Dog steps alone into elevator every day – when I see why, my heart melts

Meet Nala, an absolutely extraordinary teacup poodle with some very unique skills.

Nala began volunteering at a nursing home in St-Paul, Minnesota, USA, after her owner Doug Dawson who works there brought him with him to work one day.

She has never been trained as a therapy dog, but from the moment she stepped into that nursing home, she immediately showed that she was just born with it.  

See her wonderful story below.

Nala is one very popular guest at the Minnesota nursing home, where she gets an early start every morning. 

She travels by elevator and knows exactly where to get on and off.


While her owner Doug dispenses medicine, Nala does the rounds and gives the residents valuable affection. 

She tends to gravitate towards the elderly with more serious issues, as if realizing they need her help.

“She’s here for a purpose, she really is doing God’s work,” her owner Doug says.


Watch a news report about sweet Nala below:

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