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Shirtless hero rescues dog from icy pond in Russia

Most people would probably want to help if they saw a dog that had fallen into an icy pond. But few would actually do it—especially if that dog seemed aggressive.

But luckily, a real dog lover was nearby when a little black and white doggie got stuck in a hole in the ice recently in Kostroma, Russia.

No one knows how it happened, but somehow, the poor dog ended up in the icy water. Despite his efforts, he was freezing, exhausted, and unable to get out. And if no one had noticed him, he wouldn’t have survived long.

But luckily, help was near. Suddenly, a shirtless man ran out on the ice. He lay down on his belly and wriggled over to the dog with one hand stretched toward him.

At first, the dog didn’t understand that the man was there to help. He was too stressed out and afraid to trust anyone. So he bit the hand that was outstretched to pull him to safety.

But this is why I’m so impressed by this animal lover! Although the dog had bitten him, he wouldn’t give up. He stretched out his hand again and gave it another try. It took a while, because he had to be careful of the dog biting him again. But in the end, the man grabbed the dog by the scruff of his neck, and with a quick jerk, the pooch was up on the ice.

The dog then quickly ran away, and hopefully, someone was able to catch him and dry him off him.

The man who saved the dog will probably have pain in his hand for a while, but he looked as happy anyway.

What a brave effort!

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