Stray cat falls into lynx’s enclosure – then a zoo-goer catches it all on video

Eurasian lynxes aren’t just great hunters—they’re also Europe’s largest felines.

Adults can weigh 45-65 pounds (20 to 30 kg) and can easily kill a deer or reindeer.

Lynxes are shy animals that carefully patrol their territory to keep out intruders.

But a lynx in Russia’s St. Petersburg Zoo had a different reaction, to say the least, when an unexpected visitor showed up in his “territory.”

A stray cat somehow managed to fall into the lynx’s enclosure at the St. Petersburg zoo. Zoo-goers witnessed the whole thing and worried as the lynx approached the frightened cat.

Most observers thought the lynx would draw its claws and teeth and rip the poor kitty to shreds. But fortunately, the meeting between the two cats took a much different turn.

A photographer happened to be there and managed to capture the surprising meeting on tape. See the unexpectedly heartwarming footage here:

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