Struggling street musician is comforted by his loyal dog after audience ignores him

A dog’s love can be the greatest thing in the world. It can make life so much better, even for people who have nothing else.

And a loyal dog can pick you up when you’re at your lowest. That’s what one heartwarming video shows, as a struggling street musician turns to his best friend for some love.

Anderson Hidalgo, from Venezuela, is a rapper and musician who goes by the name Rebel. Like many young musicians at the start of their career, Anderson was short on money, and relied on busking, performing for strangers in public hoping for tips.


Anderson recently had a captive audience: he gave a free performance for strangers stuck at a traffic light in Colombia. However, he was left disappointed when the cars drove on without any acknowledgement.

But soon, he was embraced by his biggest fan. After his performance, his loyal dog Mayte was there waiting for him, wagging his tail.

Anderson, clearly in need of a pick-me-up, hugged his loyal dog.


Watch the video below:

The whole heartwarming scene was caught on video by Wara Ricoo, who was watching from his home above.

The sight touched him, and he decided to go down and find out more.

“For me, it was a moment of love and loyalty,” Wara Ricoo told The Dodo. “So much so that I went down to talk to him.”

Wara heard Anderson’s story, and was moved by how he has continued to care for his two dogs, Mayte and Negrita, even has he has struggled to make money.

Wara decided to help the stranger out. He took Anderson and the two dogs to the vet, and thankfully they were both found to be in good health, according to The Dodo.

He also shared his story on social media, hoping that the viral fame would help Anderson’s music career. Anderson started a new Instagram page, that now has over 14,000 followers thanks to the story.

And the plan worked: according to Infobae, Anderson has signed to a professional recording deal with Music Global Entertainment (MGE).

MGE manager Cristian Rodríguez said the video “touched our hearts and … we have decided to give him the support he needs.”

Wara was thrilled to see his new friend’s life turn around so quickly, and believes he has a bright future ahead.

“I have faith that everything will change for the better,” he told The Dodo. “No matter what life hits you with, keep going and give it love.”

We’re so glad this man and his dogs are doing so well after their story went viral. It’s a reminder of the huge difference a dog’s love can make in someone’s life.

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