Surfers Save And Comfort A Stranded Baby Whale.

Last week Mauricio Camareno and his friend headed out for a fun day of surfing on a beach in Costa Rica. But while surfing was their goal, it turned out that the day’s events would be quite different. And while surfing is great fun, what they ended up doing would likely remain in their memories forever.

As they swam into the water, they suddenly noticed a strange shadow. They approached it and realized it was something alive – and that it was whimpering.

As they got even closer, they realized it was a baby whale – stuck in the low tide. The baby was clearly both exhausted and afraid.


“She was very weak and couldn’t move,” Camareno, one of the surfers, told the Costa Rica Star.

Camareno and his friends promptly decided to cancel their surfing plans and help the stranded whale. They used all their strength and were able to carry her out to deeper waters. The whale was so weak that they had to basically carry her.


For over six hours they remained by the side of the whale, to make sure she regained her strength and would be able to swim away again. As she whimpered and cried, they held her and comforted her.


At last it was high tide, and the surfers managed to lead the whale into deeper water, where she finally managed to swim again on her own.


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That’s what I call heroes!

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