Teens spot stray dog shivering in the snow – then realize she can’t move

Every time I read about an abused or abandoned animal, I get pissed off. And the only thing that calms me down is knowing that there are also people out there would do anything to help.

Like the teens in this story. Back in January, they were walking down a wintery road in Alberta, Canada when they noticed a dark spot in the snow. When the teens got closer, they realized that it was actually a dog. She was stuck in a ditch and couldn’t get up.

So the teens did what they knew was right and decided to rescue her.

Every dog deserves to be treated with love and respect.

And when a dog is hurt, we own it to the animal to help out. But that’s not what happened to this dog—at first. The German Shepherd mix was out walking along a frozen road when she was hit by a car.

Cruely, the driver didn’t even have the humanity to stop, and just kept on driving. The dog was left to slowly freeze to death—until luckily, help showed up in the form of some teenagers.

They were out walking when they noticed the poor doggie.

Image Source: AARCS

The teens immediately knew they needed to do something. They called the authorities and waited for their arrival.

Image Source: AARCS

When the Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force, they brought the dog to the nearest vet. The vet discovered that her pelvis was broken in the hit-and-run. No wonder she couldn’t get up!

After the vet reset her pelvis and gave her some pain medication, she was taken in by the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society. The staff think the dog, whom they named Nutmeg, is about seven months old. They describe her as sweet and lovey-dovey.

Image Source: AARCS

Now, Nutmeg is recovering and will be available to be adopted into a loving home once she’s ready. And until that day comes, she’s safe and far from cruel drivers and life on the streets.

How lucky that these anonymous teens noticed Nutmeg and decided to act. A loving home is the least Nutmeg deserves—and hopefully, she has a happy life ahead of her, full of mischief, snuggles, and lots of love.

Nutmeg seems like an amazingly beautiful dog. Please share if you agree!

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